Jun 29, 2010

A video that moved us

When we decided to adopt from Ethiopia, we got online to find out all that we could about adoptions from this country. One of the first sites that we were led to was a blog about a family that had adopted a baby girl. We watched their video and it added fuel to the flame that was already burning within us.

The video is of the day they met and received their baby girl.

So precious! I can't wait for that day!

A thought taken from a friend's facebook status today:

If the church is to have the heart of God & God has a heart for the fatherless - shouldn't people turn to the church for orphan care/adoption information before the Internet? Interesting...

I love it when others push us to think and reassess our current train of mind.

Lord, help me to not sit idle in my thoughts but to constantly be seeking you and your plans for our family. Help us to see where we are lacking and help us to fill the gap.


Merenda said...

What a beautiful video! I'm so excited for you guys!

Alison said...

Love this video...this was the video and the precious family that God used to inspire us to adopt from Ethiopia!! And I am so glad He did!! :)