Jul 26, 2011

Such a contrast of lives

We fuss when the shower that we have spent 20 minutes in turns cold.

We buy bottled water because the taste is better then what comes from the tap.

Our children run through the sprinklers, splash in their pools, and play on the water slides all afternoon on a hot summer day.

They walk for days and even weeks to find a shelter for water to drink.

They yearn for the resources to feed their children for one more day to sustain their life.

Such a contrast of lives, yet children of God no different then you or me. Somedays they seem an entire world away. Today they feel like my neighbor, my child, and a beloved friend.

Please consider reaching out and finding out how you can help.


Jul 25, 2011

Moving on up and a prayer for rain.

That's right we have moved on the wait list. Our July number is 37! I didn't realize I hadn't posted our number lately until this weekend. Numerous people stopped me while out and about to ask where we were on "the list".

Referrals have been going out and children having been coming home, so we are hopeful that there may still be some action on the list during E*thiopia's rainy season. The rainy season in E*thiopia causes the courts to shut down for about 2 months, which in turn means there are no children being adopted during that time. But embassy appointments still go on and families who have already passed court can bring their kiddos home. So we are optimistic that we won't be 37 for very long!!!!

We are praying not only for this raining season to provide continued movement for us on the list, but most of all for the rain to come early and in just the right amounts to provide relief to the horn of Africa. I pray that they might see a miracle and great provision would pour out. The people of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia have been greatly effect by drought. Their already limited resources are being jeopardized by the shortage 0f rain in the last two rainy seasons. This has led to a lack of water, crop, and livestock . Prices are soaring on goods and causing those who were already hurting to lose even more. It is so hard to hear. To know that our future child or any child maybe suffering at this time wanting for water and food just breaks my heart. the need over there is so great and so big that I can't even imagine. We are so blessed as a family with love, care, and our every basic need is met.

To help provide financial aid to those in dire need you can go to World Vision or check out this instructions to give through Hope Chest. Please prayerful consider how you and your family might be able to help.


Jul 18, 2011


It is official, I am overdue.
We have been on the waitlist for 9 months as of today. In a normal pregnancy, I would be begging my doctor at this point to schedule an induction. I would be preparing the kids for the next few days. Today in the adoption world I sit and wait. I call out to the One who knows our child by name. I ask Him to give protection and care to our little one. I ask Him to provide for the birth family reassurance in their journey. To protect and guide their path. I pray for their knowledge and understanding of Him and his everlasting LOVE.

9 months ago today, I had just finished off a weekend of prayer. Praying that we might have numbers after making a correction in our paperwork. Praying that the paperwork would all be accepted. We were so thrilled and relieved to have a number. Now each month the numbers come and sometimes they are greatly anticipated and other months I can honestly say I have been a bit disappointed.

But God is still good and He is still leading this journey!

Over the last nine months God has shown us great things. He has opened our eyes even more to His heart. He has led us to reevaluate the way we live our life. When we started this journey last May, we simply felt the Lord calling and we LEAPED. We signed on to adopt and had no clue where we were headed. All we knew was that God was asking us to say yes.

So we are not really overdue. We are just waiting for the appointed time when we will come to know our child.

The Lord will guide you always; He will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail. Isaiah 58:11


Jul 10, 2011

Children & Bank Accounts

Hello all!
I'm still here!
Just took an unexpected hiatus from blogging. Blogger has been a bit difficult and hasn't been allowing me to post.
Lots going on as always.
Happy to report though, that this past week we were able to get away with the girls and my parents. Thankful for moments with them away from all life's craziness. Thankful too for parents who understand and want us to have those moments as well.
2 weeks ago I spent a few days camping in upstate Indiana with several teen girls from the children's home. We canoed 15 miles, hiked about 5, enjoyed time around the campfire, and more importantly spent time getting to each other a little better. It never gets old watching these kids conquer challenges and enjoy their sweet successes. So grateful that I have been given the opportunity to be a part of a ministry that sees the importance and values each life created.
This was part of our camp village. Looks cozy, doesn't it?
Myself and a few other staff also improved our fire starting skills. Now I can say that I can build a cabin around a tepee to get the fire started and help it burn stronger. ( I am hoping at least one person reading knows what i am talking about!?!)
As I sit here and think about each of the girls that went camping and about many of the youth I have crossed paths with, I am reminded of how important the role of the church is in their young lives. Reminded of the duty we have as believers to the generations that come after us. Whether they are a part of our family or a child God has simply chosen for us to cross paths with.
From a parent's perspective I have always used the analogy of my children's lives being bank accounts. Each moment of truth in their lives is a deposit. A deposit into their character and into who they identify themselves to be. I believe there are also times of withdrawal. Times when other people or things chip away at their true identity in Christ and the character of which he has called them to have. We try to be purposeful in our speech and actions with our children. Attempting to make many deposits and few withdrawals. (key word *attempting*) Using daily activities and special moments to fill their accounts, knowing all the while that as they age more influences will be there and some will only make withdrawals. Praying for others that will continue to make deposits when they are out of our hands. Praying even more that they will have the desire to let God be the main provider for their accounts. That they will go to Him for daily and moment by moment deposits.

So what about those youth or children who don't have anyone minding their accounts. Whose adults have left them bankrupt without any truth built up. No one taking the time to make a deposit. My prayer is that our eyes are always open to the needs of those youth and children, as well as my own.