Jun 10, 2010

The view from where I am..

We are definitely blessed in this house with love and laughter. There is not a day that goes by that someone is not making everyone else giggle. Genna lost a tooth last night right before bed and today she packed it around like a trophy! She also tried to put the tooth back in where it left a GIANT hole. The tooth fairy didn't take it or leave money because she was unaware that it was placed under the pillow last night. After a run in the heat, her (the tooth fairy's) brain wasn't working as well!
This morning I walked in to find all three girlies sitting on Gennabugs bed singing and talking about "the tooth". It is one of the best views I could ever lay my eyes on. My girls enjoying each other's company.

We received our homestudy paperwork yesterday and have begun reading through all the details and filling it out. Lots of details! I feel like the caseworkers will know more about us after we get done than our closest friends. However, I can definitely understand why they need to know this much, after doing interviews and reading applications from families at work. It takes alot to figuire out the dynamics (strengths and weaknesses) of a family from just paperwork.

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