Jun 25, 2010

Genna's gift

Today when we got home, Genna told me that she had made something special for me.

"This is daddy, you, Gracie with a peace sign on her shirt, me, Delaney, and our baby. Yep our whole family!" Wow, I was speechless. I am thankful for God's guidance and undeniable presence through all of this. Every worrisome thought, or concern I have is blown away by a moment of confirmation or reassurance. Tonight I ran into a young man that was in our youth group several years ago that was adopted. I took great pleasure in watching his face light up when we were discussing our upcoming adoption.

Cute pic, huh? I am just a little worried though. It looks like I might be wearing a yellow moo-moo!

1 comment:

Alison said...

So precious!! I love it! Callie Grace drew a picture like that of our family a few weeks ago, and Caroline had brown skin. I just loved it! She is starting to get it!