Our Journey

May 2010 - We feel that God is moving us to adopt at this time
                       Watch the Webinar for AGCI
                       Submit our pre-application to AGCI

June 16 -     Approved for AGCI Ethiopia Program

June 21-     Sent Fingerprints in for FBI Record

June 22 -    First Homestudy Visit

June 23 -     Orientation Call

July 2 -        Second Homestudy Visit/Training

July 9 -        Third Homestudy Visit/Training

July 14 -      Fourth Homestudy Visit/Training

July 28 -      Sent in Our Contracts/ Officially in the ET Program     

Aug 04 -      Dossier Call

Aug 12 -     Last Homestudy Visit/Training/Walk-Through

Aug 18 -      Received our Online Adoption Learning Classes Certificates

Aug 30 -     Received notification that there was more info needed for FBI Record

Sept 2 -       Received notice of completion of our Eyes Wide Open Workbook

Oct 12-       Received call that our homestudy had been endorsed by the State of Illinois

Oct 13-      Picked up our homestudy and reviewed Dossier

Oct 14-     Overnighted Dossier to AGCI

Oct 15-     Received call from AGCI that we had a revision to make to our application letter.

Oct 16-     Completed revision and resubmitted application letter. It was again overnighted to AGCI

Oct 18-     Received phone call from AGCI, our Dossier is completed and we are official number 89 on the girls list. Our parameters are girl 0-14 months

Nov-         Number 80 on the wait list.

Dec-         Number 74 on the list.

Dec 23-   Fingerprint appointment at United States Citizen and Immigration Services in STL.

Jan 2011-       Our first number of 2011 was number 68.

Feb-         Number 66 on the list. 

March-    Number 55....moving along!

April-       6 months waiting and we are number 49. 
May-        Number 44

June-        No movement still 44 ...we are still believing!

July-        Number 37 on the list.

August-  Down 3 to number 34.

Aug 31st- Home study visit for 1 yr update; approval to change parameters.

Sept-       Number 28 on the wait list.

Oct 18th - 1 Year Waiting/ Parameter changes are official (0-24 months girl, boy, siblings)

Nov-     Number 26 on the girls “list,” 19 on the boys, and 9 on the siblings.

Dec-    Number 23 girls, 16 boys, and 6 siblings

Jan 2012-     Our first numbers of the year: 21 girls, 15 boys, and 5 siblings

Feb-    Number 19 girls, 12 boys, and 5 siblings

March-   Number 23 girls, 16 boys, and 6 siblings

April-    Number 15 girls, 9 boys, and 2 siblings

May-   We never officially recieved our numbers

June 28, 2012 -we received "the call" about a precious 14 month old boy
July 2-   We submitted our official acceptance documents (after following through with all the agency requirements)
July 6-    Received our court date and booked our flights
July 20-  Held our sweet baby boy in our arms for the first time!!!!
July 23-   Passed court!!!! We are a family of 6!!!!
August 20-  Submitted to US Embassy
Sept 9/10 - Informed that our case was sent on to USCIS
Sept 25-     Hardest day in the entire adoption process. USCIS RFE
Oct. 25-    We are cleared!!!!!   Our son is coming home!!!
Nov 4- He is in our arms again!!!! Our Gotcha Day!!!!
Nov 6-   US Embassy appointment
Nov 9-   We landed in the US and all 6 of us are together!