Oct 23, 2010

Is It Bill Nye the Science Guy?

I am not sure how you all are spending your Saturday, but at our house Josh is teaching a small course on electricity. This is the kind of fun you get when your dad is an IET.

I am hearing the words volts, wires, current, and electromagnet being used several times. I just hope I don't find my girls trying to rewire the house in the next few days! They love and eat up every minute of time when they get their dad's full attention.
I hope you all are having a great weekend! We have a Deacon's dinner, church meeting, soccer, and electricity class already and it is just a little afternoon on Saturday!
The wait list has been busy this week. Several new families were placed on it, just like us, and many on it have received referrals. It is such a blessing to be a witness to it all. At least six children have been matched this week (through AGCI) with their forever families and a few went to court and were permanently made a part of a family!!! God's plans and provisions never cease to AMAZE me. What a mighty God we serve!

Oct 18, 2010

Big News!

We have been praying for this moment. Knowing all the while God knew the perfect time for it to happen. As Josh has said "It is official, we are paper pregnant!" That is why my face has looked like this since I talked to our AGCI case worker this afternoon.

First off I must say my cell phone laid out on my office desk all day in anticipation of "the call". Then while I was out of the office talking to a dear friend that stopped by the agency, I missed "the call". Now while it was not "the call" that leads directly to the viewing of our child, it was "the call" that signifies that we are waiting for our child. So I was really bummed when I had missed it. So bummed that I called the case worker's number about 15 times until I got an answer and not just her voicemail. I know, maybe a bit much....but I really needed to know if we were on "the list". When she told me that everything looked good on our revisions and gave me our number I let a squeal and told her about a 100 times that I was really HAPPY! I think she might have already figured it out, without me stating it.

So without further ado, I give you our first official number:

Oct 13, 2010

Dossier Finished!!!

I am so excited to say that tomorrow morning I will be sending off our dossier!!! This has been quite a process. We have completed many documents, have had many others complete documents for us, visited the notary a hand full of times, made trips to the doctors office, police station, and even a trip to Springfield. Yesterday when I got the call that the State of Illinois had endorsed our home study I was on cloud 9. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. So today I met our case worker in a near by town and picked it up. Our case worker has been so good to us and so very helpful. We also finished taking our pictures for our dossier and making all of the copies. It has been very busy around here. But I am so glad it is all together!! Now we have to pray that it will be reviewed on Friday and there will be no request for revisions.

This is the amount of paperwork in our dossier!

Some fun pictures taken this evening!

Didn't get any individuals of D. She was done after the family pics.

And a few pictures of the local festival (Corn Days) this past weekend. Our "hippie chicks" in the doll & pet parade

The children's home float that went through the big parade. This year's theme was Corn Pioneer! My two oldest "pioneer" children rode on the float while D rode along side via the jogging stroller!

Please continue to pray for us. I hope to be posting Friday night again with our waitlist numbers!