Jun 22, 2010

First Big Steps

The last two days have been busy. Yesterday we received the orientation packet from our agency and began reviewing it. We also went to our local police station to get fingerprinted for the FBI background check. It was neat because the man fingerprinting us stated that he was adopted. As I write this our prints are in the mail headed to the FBI. Woo Hoo!!

Last night was a late night for us. We stayed up preparing for our first home study visit. It was this afternoon and it went great. I had been so anxious about what it would entail and what we would have to cover in the first meeting. But as I said it went great! Our caseworker was super nice and answered all of our questions. Our adoption agency is out of Oregon so we have to have a local agency involved for our home study. I was curious how that was going to work and if they were very accepting of someone getting their adoption done through another place, but she didn't have any problems with it and stated that they contact the adoption agency as much as needed to unsure our home study is written exactly the way they need it to be.

Along with all of these meetings come the beginning of our payments. We have probably paid out already around $1,000 in application, documents, and postage fees. It is only the beginning, in the next 3 months we have payments due that will total around $9,500.and more will follow after that.

We have great confidence that God will provide and we will be able to make our due dates.

July 3rd we will have our first fundraiser. We are planning a garage sale and have had a few people already bring by items for us to sell. The girls are planning on having a bake sale and lemonade stand that day as well!

If the Lord delights in a man's way, he makes his steps firm; Psalm 37:23

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Alison said...

Yay!! So exicted that ya'll are moving forward so quickly!! So great!!! That is so good that you already have your fingerprints sent in too!!