Jun 27, 2010

We had a name!

We have decided we are going to do the paperwork for a girl!! And we have chosen her name! Drum roll please! .........Alexandria Hope

The name came about in an unusual way for us. Josh had text me the other morning to show me the tile job he had completed in our master bath shower. It was beautiful. I text back "looks great! How about Alexandria?" His reply was "what we aren't even sure what we are going to choose a boy or a girl". Then about 30 minutes later while I am online looking up the word hope in Amharic (language spoken in Ethiopia) he text me back I think Alexandria Hope should be her name. How cool is that! I was overjoyed!! So we have a name and will have another, yes I said another girl! Bless my dear hubby's heart, 4 girls.

This weekend has been an exciting one. I went to St Louis on Friday night and Saturday with my momma to listen to Beth Moore. We had a wonderful time and talked uninterrupted for the longest amount of time I can remember since having children. I am so thankful for my momma and the time I get to spend with her.

Also today we spoke to our church congregation about adoption and where God has led us. Our church family is very supportive. We even had a few members come to us after and tell us about their own adoptions. Update 06/2012 turns out God had a boy waiting for us!!!  Alexandria Hope just didn't seem to fit him!

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Alison said...

What a BEAUTIFUL name!!! I love it! And I am so excited that you are going for a GIRL! I hope that Caroline and Alexandria can be friends one day! :) And love the middle name...Hope! Hope has been something God has been filling me with lately...and I love it!