Aug 2, 2010

What a weekend!!! AGCI picnic and VBS kickoff

We had a WONDERFUL weekend!! We started off by going to the AGCI family picnic on Saturday. We were able to meet several of the families we have learned about through blogging and e-mail in person. It was amazing! Are kids also met several other kids whose families have or are in the process of adopting. This was a huge blessing. I had prayed prior to going that each member of our family would find someone there to talk and connect with and it happened!

Delaney played with 2 beautiful little Ethiopians girls in the bubbles.

Gennabug, the social butterfly, met several other kids and was in the thick of it all.

Grace connected with a sweet girl whose family brought home two little boys age 2 and 4, just 5 months ago.

Josh met several fathers and also spent time talking with the executive director of the agency. I was just speechless... no really! After you all who know me, stop laughing, I was. It was hard for me to even approach people ( I know, not me at all!) I was just in awe of God's work. How his hand had orchestrated so many beautiful families. I sat and just thought what a picture of God's love! I even had another mother, whose daughter has been home for almost a year, give me 3 little African t-shirts. She said her daughter had worn them and she wanted another child to have the opportunity to as well. I was so touched. What special shirts those will be for Alexandria!

Oh and yes it was a bad hair day after about 15min in the humidity!! What's a girl to do!! = )

On Sunday our church had VBS kickoff! It was a great time as well! So many members of our church family showed up at New Haven park to hand out school supplies and serve hot dogs and ice cream. We had a good turn out and the ice cream was yummy! Can't wait for the rest of the week.

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Alison said...

Loved getting to meet ya'll "in real life" this weekend at the picnic!! Your family is just so precious, and we loved getting to know ya'll even better! What a blessing! So glad that we had the opportunity...hope to be able to get together with ya'll sometime in the future!