Aug 15, 2010


Last Sunday was our 12th anniversary and as I posted I wasn't really up for a celebration. So last night we went out to celebrate! Grace was gone to a sleepover and the other two went to the grandparents. So we went to dinner and a movie! We had a great night! It is amazing to me that after being with someone for over 15 years we never run out of good conversation and the good times never stop coming. We were so young when we started dating. We met two weeks before his high school graduation. I was the high school gal and he was my college beau!

Here we are going to my Senior prom. We were so young! I wanted to post wedding pics but they looked dark.

We have always had fun and the adventures of life have never left us with a dull moment. We have experienced great ups and downs throughout the time when we have been together.

Josh is beyond what I could imagine in a husband. He is a very kind, caring, romantic, and sentimental man. He has always known how to wooh me! He is also sarcastic, goofy, and down right entertaining most of the time. He keeps the girls and I laughing. Most importantly though he is a great leader in our household. He has shown great love to each of us. He knows when to give and when to stand firm. Our daughters and myself never question who will be there to protect and guide us. The Lord has blessed us with a man who seeks His wisdom and His way.

So to my amazing hubby..... I say thank you and I can't imagine traveling through this life with anyone else but you. New adventures are ahead and I am excited to journey them along side of you!

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