Aug 21, 2010

Urgent! Please check this out!!

Back in November of last year I had the pleasure of meeting a great gal who I had asked to come speak at our fall ladies retreat. Ginger spoke that weekend about a trip she had taken with Compassion International and how God had called each of us to help the least of these. Of course I was immediately interested in what she had to say and getting to know her more.

A few months later I ran into the TN gal at a ministry development workshop in Illinois. (i.e.. her ministry partner, Leigh is a friend of mine and my former running partner...another child later, new job, and a move changed our running schedules...but blessed to know them both!) To make a long story short Ginger had informed me about the Christian Alliance Orphan Summit this year and we got to meet and attend together (I didn't even go to hear about adoption, but for work!) I know I'm ramblin"!! Anyway Ginger went to Liberia this summer to speak and to minister and returned home with a new mission from God to help a small child that she had met there.

Here is what their ministry site says:

Speaking Thru Me Ministries will give donations made in August and September to support Darlene “Dolly” Grace.Ginger met Darlene while in Liberia in June 2010. Darlene’s mother, Cecelia, traveled 8 hours to meet the speaker team and request prayer for her daughter’s healing. Darlene was born with an omphalocele (organs on the outside of her body).
With God leading the way, surgery for Darlene has been scheduled at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, TN. Darlene’s first appointment in the states will be October 11th with a tentative surgery date of October 21st.
Speaking Thru Me Ministries will need financial support for the cost of paperwork, travel, housing, etc… for this family to make the very long trip from Liberia to Tennessee.
Please consider donating to help Darlene today!

Or you can also find them on Facebook

So please help them to reach their goal and to help Dolly have her surgery.

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