Aug 18, 2010

Back to School

Today was our first almost full day of school!! Yesterday the girls went for about 2 hrs. and today they were dismissed an hour early. They LOVE school! Both girls are excited about the teachers they got and the friends in their classes. Every year we pray that God will give them just the right teacher for them. It is always hard because you hear so much about this teacher or that one, but I know different kids react differently. So I just take it to the big man and ask Him to oversee it all!! We believe that we are responsible for teaching our children the most important lessons of all, but are truly thankful for the ones that add to their knowledge as well.

Genna is in 1st and feels like such a big girl. Our schools are divided kindergarten and 1st in one school, 2nd and 3rd in another, 4th and 5th in yet another. So this year she is one of the "big kids"! Grace is in 5th grade and excited because this will be the first year for school sports!
I have a heavy burden every year for the teachers, staff, and kids at our schools. I feel like we as parents and community members should be in constant prayer for our schools. Teachers and school staff are put in a huge position of influence over our children each year. I know that can be a great gift and also a large load. So I am challenging myself to try and remember each day to pray for not only their safe keeping but also for the decisions each one makes and the influence it might be on another.
Hope you have a great end of the week!!!

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The Hemphill Family said...

Thanks for the comment!!

It is always nice to meet other adoptive families. They are so encouraging and always make me think, "Ok, I really CAN do this!"

Hope your girls have a great school year!