Jul 28, 2010

Onward, we go!!! How you can help.

Today we sent in our contracts, releases, and orientation fees. Each step regardless of how big or small is so , exciting to me! Now we are ready to begin working on our Dossier!!! Also if you look to the sidebar you can see our new totals. We are over a third of our way to our goal.. YEAH!!! Thank you to those of you that have helped us along this journey, thus far. We are preparing for another rummage sale/fundraiser in August and are praying for an even greater turnout.

We have had many people ask how they can help. There are several ways:

1. Pray - This is the most important! You can pray for us, that we might submit ourselves fully to God throughout this whole process. That He will mold us and prepare us for the life long journey that raising this child will be (as well as our girlies). That we will allow Him to be our strength. Pray for our girls. That God will also prepare them and that they will grow in love for their new sibling. Pray for our new daughter. Pray that God's hand will be upon her during the time she is waiting to come home and her entire life. That God will lead those around her to provide her with great care and love. Pray for her birth parents. Pray that they will seek God and that He will hear them and guide them through this process and that they will have a peace through him. Pray for the other 147 million children, who are also without families.

2. Give- Give monetarily and help us to meet our deadlines and pay our fees. Or buy a t-shirt from us. (We will have them very soon!) What fees do you have? You might be asking. Our fees are the cost to the agency for the documents that have to be produced and certified in order to please the US and Ethiopian courts. Also we will have travel fees for the two trips we are required to make to Ethiopia and the cost of medical and care for our child while she is waiting her adoption.

3. Share our blog with others. Let them know of the journey that we are on, about the large number of orphans awaiting homes, and about God's heart for the orphan and widow.

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Shonni said...

Thank you so much for emailing me! I am so glad to meet you! And I am so excited for you as you begin this amazing journey to your little one. I will be praying for ya’ll!