Aug 17, 2010

Road Trip

On Monday, we took a road trip to the state capital. We went to have one of the documents for our dossier state certified. We were given the option to mail it or to drive the 3 1/2 hrs (one way) to get it certified in person. We chose to deliver it in person and boy are we glad we did. The state was supposed to just certify it and to not give it an Apostille certification because Ethiopia is not a part of the Hague treaty. But they did! But we caught it!!! SO they fixed the certification and gave us what we needed. If we had mailed it and they had made the mistake and mailed it back wrong we would had to do it all over again! Plus we would have missed out on a great road trip!
I am pretty sure Josh and I might be in the running for road trip king and queen! We love to pile in the vehicle and drive until we find something neat! ....Yes, I said neat! When we were dating and first married we did it all the time and covered much of the Midwest on a college student's budget. Now the girls are getting to enjoy the fun as well!

While we were in Springfield we went to the State Capital building and saw the Governor's office, the House of Representatives and Senate chambers. Grace loved it and wanted to know more, Genna kept saying it was real fancy, and Delaney gave us the scare of our lives hanging over the balcony and climbing on everything!
As you see in the pics Grace sported her new 147 million orphans shirt all over the Capital!
We also have completed our online training. Now on to finish the LARGE workbook!! Only 140ish pages to go!
OH and great news from the rummage sale this weekend......$920 raised so far!!! We have a few big items still for sale, praying they go this week. We are thankful to God for his provision!!


Kelly Jo said...

Love Grace's shirt. Yay for being done with the online classes!! :)

Alison said...

That was a fun and productive road trip! Another step closer!! Yay!