Jul 24, 2010

Time away and an Ethiopian meal

So in awe of God's work. If what my eyes saw this week was just a small spec of His handiwork, how big is He? He simply spoke all of this in to being. Wow, how mind blowing is that!
He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name. Psalm 147:4

This last week we have been gone on vacation or as I like to say family time away. There are few things I enjoy more then time stowed away with my hubby and kids. I had at first been dreading this week. Worrying about money and the adoption. We had rented a mountain home earlier this year and had already paid for it in full. This was before we knew we would be embarking on this new journey. As I stated in an earlier post the hubs convinced me that we needed to go as planned and enjoy the time with the girls and my parents. We did on the tightest vacation budget ever! God truly blessed our week and our time together. It is amazing how much easier it is to hear Him and even seek Him when you are away from life's distractions.

While we ate most meals at the cabin, we did each lunch one day at an Ethiopian restaurant. It was unbelievable. The owner of the restaurant, an Ethiopian lady, shared not only her food but, also some information about her culture and her thoughts with us about adopting a child of another race and culture. She was very hospitable. Right before we left she asked if I would write to her and keep her updated on our process and our child. How awesome is that?!

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