Jul 14, 2010

Enjoying the ride!

What a ride! We got accepted by AGCI less then 1 month ago and we have already begun to feel the effects of adoption. Most all of them have been exciting and full of joy. We have spent much time as a family in prayer, seeking God's will and plan for our next move. Few know the amount of time and effort it takes to adopt a child. We are jumping through hoops on a daily (or nightly) basis trying to move the process along as well as continuing our daily life with the 3 blessings already in our house. Our days are crazy and our time is stretched. We are truly blessed though. God is faithful and shows us each day his hand at work in our lives. He is preparing us, I know, for the road ahead. I can feel the weeding in myself personally. I tend to rely on what I see or fixate on details at times when I need to simply have faith. I need to lean more and to quit trying to find concrete, tried and true ways to accomplish things. See I know that God can make a way and that He already has every detail covered to see His plan through. I just need to focus on Him and to let Him guide my every step. He has been faithful in my life time and time again, yet I still insist sometimes on doing it my way. It is time to let go.

Here is how I see it. (sorry if it is only as clear as mud! : ) )

Have you ever seen someone driving a horse and buggy? You know the driver sits in the seat holding onto the reins giving commands and steering his horses down the path. The driver knows which way to go and a good driver is always looking ahead to keep the horse and the buggy away from any danger. If upcoming danger is inevitable he holds on and helps guide the horse through the bad spots. God is the same way always there trying to guide and lead us and wanting to endure the "dangers" with us and see us through them. Well I am often a typical horse pulling to the left or right, stopping in front of the "bad spot" asking my driver "are you sure about this, don't you think we had better turn around". God, as my driver, has great power and can lead me through the worst of the worst, if I will just allow him to guide. It is time to let him fully lead and it is time for me to press on without hesitation but with great confidence in the one who not only knows the path but, made it!

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. 1 Chronicles 16:1


homemakerchronicles said...

This is awesome! I think it takes some really amazing people to consider and follow through with adoption. You guys are those people!

Alison said...

Love this post...so true! This adoption journey has been the most exciting ride ever...so thankful that God called us to our baby girl! And it's so fun to have friends all going through it together!