Jul 10, 2010

Moving ahead and some new pics!

At the doctor's office getting our physicals done for state adoption license. 2 doctor's appointments + 1 day + almost 3 hours in the offices = 3 bored, silly little girls + 1 crazy, laughing momma!

What a day! Everything went really well except the fact that this momma got a TDAP vaccination only to return home and remember her ob/gyn had ordered one last spring after delivery. That's right I have been double vaccinated against tetanus and whooping cough!

We also enjoyed some chick-fil-a fun between appointments! It was cow appreciation day! All four of us ate out for $1.53. Thanks to our cow spots and cow mask!!! There was a stand in the parking lot with a live cow and calf. My girls weren't that impressed. ( It is something they see a lot of!) The lady at the booth however, thrilled us! She gave us the stickers and mask to get a free kids meal or sandwich each!

Last night we had our third meeting with the home study case worker. It went great! We talked a lot about what we might see at the orphanage and some of the ways to prepare ourselves. We have one more training session and then our walk through. So we are asking for your prayers, that our background checks for the state come through swiftly and that the final home study will move through certification quickly.

But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. Romans 8:25


Kelly Jo said...

Hello!! Sounds like you are moving right along with the adoption...that is exciting!! Your girls are all so beautiful!!:)

Alison said...

So glad that ya'll are moving forward!! And I love all the new pics on the blog of your beautiful girls!! How precious!