Jul 26, 2011

Such a contrast of lives

We fuss when the shower that we have spent 20 minutes in turns cold.

We buy bottled water because the taste is better then what comes from the tap.

Our children run through the sprinklers, splash in their pools, and play on the water slides all afternoon on a hot summer day.

They walk for days and even weeks to find a shelter for water to drink.

They yearn for the resources to feed their children for one more day to sustain their life.

Such a contrast of lives, yet children of God no different then you or me. Somedays they seem an entire world away. Today they feel like my neighbor, my child, and a beloved friend.

Please consider reaching out and finding out how you can help.



"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Sooo true.......and this image is in my mind all the time......

Toni said...

Well put Andrea. My heart aches and cries out to God for my neighbor in the Horn of Africa.