Jul 25, 2011

Moving on up and a prayer for rain.

That's right we have moved on the wait list. Our July number is 37! I didn't realize I hadn't posted our number lately until this weekend. Numerous people stopped me while out and about to ask where we were on "the list".

Referrals have been going out and children having been coming home, so we are hopeful that there may still be some action on the list during E*thiopia's rainy season. The rainy season in E*thiopia causes the courts to shut down for about 2 months, which in turn means there are no children being adopted during that time. But embassy appointments still go on and families who have already passed court can bring their kiddos home. So we are optimistic that we won't be 37 for very long!!!!

We are praying not only for this raining season to provide continued movement for us on the list, but most of all for the rain to come early and in just the right amounts to provide relief to the horn of Africa. I pray that they might see a miracle and great provision would pour out. The people of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia have been greatly effect by drought. Their already limited resources are being jeopardized by the shortage 0f rain in the last two rainy seasons. This has led to a lack of water, crop, and livestock . Prices are soaring on goods and causing those who were already hurting to lose even more. It is so hard to hear. To know that our future child or any child maybe suffering at this time wanting for water and food just breaks my heart. the need over there is so great and so big that I can't even imagine. We are so blessed as a family with love, care, and our every basic need is met.

To help provide financial aid to those in dire need you can go to World Vision or check out this instructions to give through Hope Chest. Please prayerful consider how you and your family might be able to help.


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