Mar 26, 2011

Saturday Shoot

Today in southern Illinois, it's not quite the lovely Spring day we had hoped for. Actually it is about 46 degrees and sleeting. Last weekend it was in the 70s and we were outside. Today, D and I are stuck in the house. Grace and Josh are outside mulching up some old shrubs and Gbug is at a birthday party. I decided to the throw some food in the crock pot and attempt a mini photo shoot with lil' Miss D.
She will be 2 next month and to be honest, I have fallen behind on getting her picture taken. Our schedule is usually too crazy to make an appointment very far in advance.
So with one crazy momma, one silly little girl, a camera, and a kitchen/impromptu studio this is what you get! (and the laughs we shared were a bonus)

This is my one of my faves from today.
A good representation of who she is!
I can't believe how quickly she is changing.
Right before the next one she was saying "what to do mommy, what do you want me to do".
It was cute, she was so into the photo shoot!
Grace walked by the kitchen door and off D went to see her.
I love this! She had been singing Jesus loves me and looking out the door, while I was messing with the camera.
I wanted to remember the moment.


I can't wait to shoot them all together when our next arrives!!!


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