Mar 25, 2011

Another One

Another wish.....

I would love to see you all at the Summit!

Last year I had the privilege of going and sitting in on some great sessions about transitional living, foster care, and kids that were aging out of the system. I was blessed greatly by the knowledge that I gained and the people that I came in contact with. This year Josh and I are getting to attend as adoptive parents and growing advocates for children. I can not wait!

Please pray and ask the Lord if this is someplace he might want you to be. From a newbie who has a yearning in their heart to someone who has walked the road of orphan ministry for many years, there are sessions for everyone. Domestic, international, foster care, transitional living, adoption funds, and orphan ministry are just a few of the topics that are going to be covered.


Click on the picture above and head on over to the website and make my wish come true! I would love to see you!

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