Mar 14, 2011

Some Fun!

This week has been a crazy week to say the least. We started off by hearing the news of the changes on Sunday. From then on I found myself checking my e-mail several times a day and watching the petition to see if the numbers had changed. At work I tried to keep busy, which wasn't hard at all. Thursday night we found a dose of relief in a concert we had forgot we had tickets to.
I am hoping to post on that soon! Actually hoping for the hubs to post on that. I just have to say in reference to it, God is so good and I am not sure why, but I am always so blown over when He speaks specifically to my heart.

Saturday, we ventured out of the house and into the beautiful sunshine! It felt amazing!! The girls have been begging to go the park or the zoo for weeks. Not sure why they wanted to go when it was 30 degrees.... Oh wait, I do, they were stir crazy!!!! They wanted outdoors! We love being outside, so much that Wednesday night in the rain my children were outside playing in the water that was standing in our neighbors yards. It was about 40 degrees out and I am sure there were people wondering what we were thinking. They loved it and came in to take hot showers afterwards!

Little Miss D was upset because she wanted to play too. We kept her occupied by letting her help put up her new bed. (Well new to her!) That's right our little girl has now successfully slept 4 nights in a toddler bed. She has been so excited and has done great! It's sad to say but this momma had some serious doubts about taking down her crib. I think I had expected Alex to go in it when she came out.
Can you find Curious George? This just made me giggle!

Saturday, we all ventured out for the day and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. We needed to be outside all day. We headed to the zoo in the morning and picnicked close by.
Grace took this pic of Josh and I.
Look at my crew! I know what your thinking. Yes, I am blessed!
Can't wait until the next one is in this pic as well!

D and Gbug petting the goats.

Our guide for the day!

On the way home, we stopped to stock up on some items for our pantry. Gbug didn't make it very long after that. At least the papertowels were a good substitue for a pillow!



Rochelle w said...

Love the pics! The one with Genna sleeping on the paper towels is hilarious! Congrats to Delaney! Good job big girl!

Alison said...

So fun!! Glad ya'll were able to have a fun day together and enjoy the beautiful weather!! Can't wait until our new little ones are in the family pictures! :)