Sep 12, 2010

Update and Weekend fun!

Our weekend has been full to say the least!
On Friday we had a surprise party for Gracie.
Her birthday isn't until this Friday. So I will post some pics then and tell you more about the excitement!

Saturday we spent the day at home watching Notre Dames football! Josh is a HUGE ND fan and has been for most of his life. Watching the game is a little different now, then it was even 5 years ago for him.
It started out with just one and then pretty soon the whole crew was sitting on him!

There was also dancing, singing, and lots of laughs during most of the game.
Poor guy can't get a break! I think he loves it though!!

We spent this afternoon out back playing with the girls. You got to love this weather! It seems almost perfect!

They are all three at such fun ages!
On a different note...We found out on Friday that there needed to be some revisions made on our homestudy before our agency submits it to the state. Most of them are small things that we have already discussed and taken care of this weekend. One however threw us for a loop. Our guardianship plan has to be redone. We weren't aware but the people we list on the plan also have to meet Ethiopian adoption guidelines. So we are currently praying for some answers and waiting to talk to AGCI tomorrow to find out more information. Would love if you all would say a prayer for us!
Hope you all have a great week ~ Andrea


Kelly Jo said...

Hope you get everything worked out...I will be praying!! :)

Alison said...

We had to change our guardians on our home study too for the same reason! But we changed it today, and everything got approved today!! Yay!