Sep 7, 2010

Friends, Food, & Fun

Well on Labor Day, the only laboring we did was to cook!!! We had a wonderful day cooking and spending time with the girls. Then during the evening we had friends over. They came to help us celebrate Josh's big news! Last week he returned to his prior role within the company. He had been displaced for the last year and a half due to the economy and boy was he ever so happy to be back! He had stayed with the company during that time just in a different position.

The last year and half has stretched our patience and strength as a couple and a family. The good news is it has made us stronger and has helped us to be where we are at today, ADOPTING!! It is amazing sometimes what God will bring forward out of a trying situation.

We are so blessed to have people in our life who enjoy some of the simplest things. Like an endless evening of food, talking, and kids playing!!!

Forgive me for the shabby pics. I wish I had gotten a pic of all the kiddos.
I didn't get out the camera until after dark and the SD slot is still not clean.

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Alison said...

Yay! Congratulations to Josh! Looks like it was a fun labor day!