Oct 18, 2011

A Timeline of our Journey

I sat this morning and reviewed our time line and  prayed. I was blessed to see God's hand each step of the way. We are continuing to be grateful for the opportunity to experience adoption and to add to our family in this way.

May 2010 - We feel that God is moving us to adopt at this time
                       Watch the Webinar for AGCI
                       Submit our pre-application to AGCI
June 16 -     Approved for AGCI Ethiopia Program
June 21-     Sent Fingerprints in for FBI Record
June 22 -    First Homestudy Visit with LSSI
June 23 -     Orientation Call
July 2 -        Second Homestudy Visit/Training
July 9 -        Third Homestudy Visit/Training
July 14 -      Fourth Homestudy Visit/Training
July 28 -      Sent in Our Contracts
Aug 04 -      Dossier Call
Aug 12 -     Last Homestudy Visit/Training/Walk-Through
Aug 18 -      Received our Online Adoption Learning Classes Certificates
Aug 30 -     Received notification that there was more info needed for FBI Record
Sept 2 -       Received notice of completion of our Eyes Wide Open Workbook
Oct 12-       Received call that our homestudy had been endorsed by the State of Illinois
Oct 13-      Picked up our homestudy and reviewed Dossier
Oct 14-     Overnighted Dossier to AGCI
Oct 15-     Received call from AGCI that we had a revision to make to our application letter.
Oct 16-     Completed revision and resubmitted application letter. It was again overnighted to AGCI
Oct 18-     Received phone call from AGCI, our Dossier is completed and we are official number 89 on the girls list. Our parameters are girl 0-14 months
Nov-         Number 80 on the wait list.
Dec-         Number 74 on the list.
Dec 23-   Fingerprint appointment at United States Citizen and Immigration Services in STL.
Jan 2011-        Our first number of 2011 was number 68.
Feb-         Number 66 on the list. 
March-    Number 55....moving along!
April-       6 months waiting and we are number 49. 
May-        Number 44
June-        No movement still 44 ...we are still believing!
July-        Number 37 on the list.
August-  Down 3 to number 34.
Aug 31st- Home study visit for 1 yr update & approval to change parameters.  
Sept-       Number 28 on the wait list.

****TODAY   Oct 18th - 1 Year Waiting****
 Unofficially Number 26

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.  Psalm 27:14

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Alison said...

Love seeing what God has done in your journey! We just celebrated our 13 month waitlist anniversary yesterday! And I LOVE that verse, and it "just happens" to be the daily Bible verse for today from Bible gateway on our blog!