Oct 9, 2013

Hello Again!

    It has been what seems like years since I have actually posted one of my blog entries. I have wrote many but just can't seem to bring myself to posting them. If you only know us from the blog then I would like to give you a little update. Last June (2012), we accepted the referral of a precious 14 month old boy from Gambella, Ethiopia. On July 23, 2012 we passed court in Addis Ababa and he became our son. After a long three and a half months, a decline from the US Embassy, and then a review and acceptance from USCIS, we returned to Ethiopia to bring him home. He has now been home exactly 11 months today. His name is Was (sounds like Woz) and he is a joy. The last 11 months has consisted of lots of adjusting, transitioning, and refining, most of it by Josh and I. We have had moments of pure bliss and others filled with grief and heartache. I think even the "easiest" adoptions are still more than most imagine.

     Our girls have been great throughout the entire year. They welcomed their brother with open arms and their hearts bursting with love for him. I think there were days when their love came close to even smothering him. ;) He has gotten used to it though, and often approaches them for hugs and kisses now.

     Almost a year later, life is finally seeming back to normal, or at least our normal. We currently have a 9 month old boy staying with us Sunday night through Friday night. He and his mother are enrolled in the Safe Families movement. A movement that definitely has our hearts. The other day we were discussing serving God and the ways we serve. Safe Families was brought up and D (age 4) said "it's really great when God ask us to take care of babies". ;)  We also began homeschooling this year, just the younger three. It has definitely been an adventure. The kids and I are really enjoying it. We have lots of kinks to work out but I think we may always have those.

     Well that should catch you up a bit.
I hope to keep the momentum going and post a little more often.


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