May 22, 2011

My Week in Review

Filled With Praise

This week I am linking up to a fellow adoptive moms blog and doing my week in review! I have loved each week when she has done this! But this is the first week I have found the time to compile my highs and lows and still have time to post them! Thanks Amy for the fun idea!!!

***Blogger wouldn't let me upload photos until today, so I am 2 days behind on this post!


So many great things this week!!!

The high for my week though, was definitely the quick getaway we took this weekend to Dolan's Lake. Dolan's is a state park only about 15 minutes away from our house.

We set out on Saturday after the girls' opening day ceremonies for summer rec league. We thought we would camp in the tent, but the constant mist of rain kept that from happening. So, we got a cute little cabin right off the lake.

The cabin had a full side bed in one room, two sets of bunks in the other, a small frig, and a little two seater table. It was wonderful. (all except the walk to the bathrooms in the rain)

We built a fire, roasted hot dogs, made s'mores, played checkers, had church, and goofed around all right there at our tiny cabin. We also hiked and skipped rocks down around the lake!

We all loved it!


My low for the week was on Friday. Josh and I had an appointment, that we could not reschedule. So we missed Grace's award ceremony. I have missed very few of my children's activities and such, so today was hard. She understood and we were at her school yesterday to watch her read an essay. But as a momma, I still feel like I failed her today.

{Lesson Learned}

My lesson learned this week is that it is okay that I don't have everything mapped out and well planned in my life. That I need to truly allow God to hold the map and reveal things in His timing. ***Side note:I am still in the process of learning this (I think I always will be!) ****

I hope you have all had a great week!!!


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4 Blessings said...

Thank you so much for linking up. It sounds like you had a great week.