Apr 21, 2011

A Storm and Some Purses

What began as a typical day changed so quickly.
Tuesday night our community and surrounding area was hit by a line of storms including high winds and a tornado. The result was lots of damage and loss.

Here are a few pics from our local newspaper

The house above belongs to some friends of ours.
The damage was enough that their home was deemed uninhabitable, until repairs are made.

The ray of sunshine that came from within this line of storms was that despite all the damage, there have been no reported injuries according to area news stations. What a blessing that is!!! Neighbors have been helping neighbors and many have rallied to help clear the debris.
Our community is still in need of prayer, as the efforts continue. More storms are expected here in the next few days.

On another note........
I wanted to share our current fundraiser with you all!

We have been blessed with the opportunity to have a My Miche Purse Party. All the profits from the party will go towards our adoption. ***That's right, not only will we get money from the party instead of purse credit. The consultant is also donating all of her profits!!!!
What could be better???? Supporting our adoption and getting a great purse!!!!

I know what your thinking..... how can you get one of these great purses and help support our adoption? Well go to this site find the purse, shell, and/or bundle you like then e-mail us
( jabigg_98@hotmail.com ) and we will process your order. Once we e-mail you back payments can be made right here on our blog through Paypal and the purse will ship directly to your address!


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