Feb 21, 2011

Our Children ....What if This Affects Them?

It's been a while since I have posted. I have several blog post started and a few complete but I am not sure the timing is right to share. While I totally enjoy the people I have gotten to know through blogging and the friends I have gotten to know deeper, at times it is a struggle for me. Don't get me wrong I love to listen and to gab, and I love to share stories and moments with others, but I am usually most comfortable doing so face to face.

One of the concerns that comes up over and over in my discussions with others is about our biological children. What do they think about the adoption? How will the adoption affect them? Will we have enough time with each of our children? Financially what will this mean for their futures?
Each of these are questions we had asked ourselves and our children before we began the process. All of them resulted in answers that were directly related to the prayers we have had for them for many years.
Our prayer for our children is that they first and foremost will know who their Savior is and will have an ever growing relationship with him. That they will desire to follow his lead and will submit themselves fully to his plan. Our adoption is hopefully an example of that to them. That we have heard God's voice in our lives and that we have read his word and are acting accordingly.

We pray that they will be filled with his love, grace, mercy. That they might in turn share those very gifts with everyone they meet, including the orphan, widow, and the least of these. We want them to know and understand that the important things in this world are not things. That God has called us to store up our treasures in heaven and not on Earth. That while video games, flat screen TVs, cars, purses, designer clothing, trendy shoes, large houses, swimming pools, lake homes, and etc are not necessarily bad things, but they are not what God intended us to base our lives around. Those are all desires brought to us by this world and not by our heavenly father. If this adoption or possibly another in years to come keep my children from obtaining more "things", I am fine with that. If they are not the most popular or liked child because they do not own these things, I am fine with that too. We believe we would be doing them great disservice to let them believe that their life will only be complete with things of this world.

We pray that when they see another in need that they will be willingly to go above and beyond to help. That they will put the need of others before their own wants and desires. That they will seek the Lord's direction in how to meet those needs. What better way to practice that then living in a family and having siblings. Knowing that you can't always be first, that you must share, and look out for the interest of others.

Our hearts are burdened for our children and for their generation, that they may know the Lord and that they would choose to share his great love with others. Our adoption is a direct response to that in our lives. We know Jesus Christ to be our Lord and Savior, we have been overwhelmed by his love for us, and we want to share it with others.
Don't get me wrong we don't have all the answers and we know we are not perfect parents. We are fully aware that this journey will bring pain and require sacrifice. However, we also know that this journey can lead to an unwavering hope and greater devotion.


MamaMimi said...

Love this =) Very well put.

Alison said...

Beautiful post, Andrea! Love your heart! We feel the same way about our adoption affecting our kids...and God is using it to truly touch their hearts!

G said...

Loved this post! Thanks for sharing. :)

Also, your girls are BEAUTIFUL! :)

meredith and justin said...

I love this and couldn't agree more.