Feb 1, 2011

Wooh.. Crazy Times

I haven't posted in quite a while, mostly due to the amount of sickness that has been running crazy through our house. It started a few weeks ago with a stomach bug. After a perfectly good night of football and friends, Delaney started getting sick. She continued on with this nasty virus for 3 days, then she so graciously gave it to Gracie, Genna, and me.
Once we got through that, we had a couple days off and then Genna had a fever again. We took her to the acute care last Saturday morning where the doctor checked her out and declared that she had the beginnings of strep. He never took a swab test, just diagnosed it and sent us home with a script.
The next day Delaney woke up with a low grade temp. Since I hadn't left the house for a week (or what felt like a century), my mother kindly came over to sit with the girls so that we could go to church and take donations to another AGCI family. (I owe that woman big time for all the moments she has stepped in to help me out. I don't know how other ladies do it without someone to give them a little extra helping hand) So anyway, back to the illnesses. I got a phone call on our way home, it was nana (as the kids call her) and Delaney's fever was getting higher. We booked it as fast as we could to find sweet little one with a rising fever of a 104.7 . We gave her meds, you know alternating the tylenol and motrin, we gave her a cool bath, we had her drinking liquids, and nothing seemed to be bringing down the temp. To the ER we went. In the snow on the slick roads, panicked with our red faced, burning up child. I don't know how you all react when your babies are sick, but this momma gets determined. I am determined to find anybody or anyway to help them. I prayed all the way to the ER and texted my go-to prayer warriors to pray as well. It took a little over 2 hours, an IV, cool cloths, meds, and lots of prayers before her fever broke. She tested positive for flu type B and pneumonia. We spent the night in the hospital and were discharged the next day. She was able to take the tamiflu to help reduced the strength of ithe flu. The doctor told us it would be pretty certain to say that Genna had the same thing but she was too far into it to receive treatment. gggrrrr!!!
Isn't that just a sad little face. =( This was D, a few days into it.
Both sweeties battled several more days to get rid of all the symptoms and to be back to their normal bouncy selves.
I am happy to report that as of the moment we are illness free.
I say "the moment" because Grace has been aching for the past two days. (Continuing to pray it stays far away from us)

Big Sister provided a little extra TLC to Gbug during her sickness.



meredith and justin said...

So sorry to hear you have all been so sick. We have all had the yucky stuff too. Praying you stay well.

Sara said...

I hate to hear that they were soooo sick! We will pray that sickness stays far away and you have an amazing weekend.