Dec 28, 2010

Christmas Season 2010 Part 1

It has seemed like forever since I blogged!
Things have been busy around here. However, they have also been great! I hate to say "it has been busy" like it was a bad thing. Most everything that occupied our time in December were things we chose to do or felt God had led us to do..... so no complaining here!
A quick update before all the Christmas stuff.
This month we sold Josh's car in order to get a vehicle with a few more miles on it and to eliminate a vehicle payment. We also were able to sell his 1975 CJ5, for all you JEEP lovers out there you know this was a BIG deal. This was his baby, his project. He decided to sell it though, knowing that his time with "his baby" would be even more limited with another child around and that we could use the extra money....
Last month we had to replace the washer and dryer unexpectedly. So selling both of those were a huge blessing.
Also Josh's new-to-him ride is in the JEEP family, just an FYI for all of you who were feeling bad for the guy!! ; ) I did feel a little bit sorry for him.
Last Thursday we went to our fingerprint appointment at the United States Citizen and Immigration Services. Everything went well and we are hoping to hear back that we are clear. At that point, we will be referral ready, except for the rest of the fundraising!
Now on to some of the CHRISTMAS FUN!

We started off the season with Genna's school Christmas program. She was so excited! I didn't want to send her to school all day in a dress, so I stayed up the night before and made her a Christmas shirt! She loved it!

The girls were in the Christmas program at our church. Genna was Mary and Grace was a modern day girl. Can you tell they both love to sing!! Both their mouths are open the widest!
Grace's program at school had to be rescheduled due to the four snow days we had before break.
They did a wonderful job, even though most of their rehearsal was done a few hours before the program.

The girls love to be in the kitchen and always want to help cook. So we spent a few days making gooodies! On this particular day, we made homemade thin mints, snicker doodles, chocolate chip cookies, and triple chocolate. A total of 16 dozen in all! The next afternoon they delivered the goodies to the neighbors in the snow. Oh what fun!!
And yes in this next picture I am on the floor with crazy braids in my hair letting D stir the cookie dough. She kept climbing from the stool onto the counter where the hot cookies were all laid out. So I sat down on the floor and let her stir with me there. I promise those of you who ate the cookies, none of them touched the floor!

More Christmas fun to come!


Alison said...

So fun!! Looks like ya'll made some fun memories over the holidays!! We did some holiday baking too...tons of chocolate covered pretzels!! Loved your Christmas card! Thanks for sending us one!

Go and Tell said...

Thanks for introducing yourself to me! You have a beautiful family...looking forward to keeping up with your journey!