Dec 31, 2010

Christmas Part 2

As you can see we try to pack as much fun and tradition into the Christmas season as we can. (not the usual shopping, shopping, shopping!) We sooo enjoy this time of the year! I love the lights, weather, community and church events that go with it!

A lot of the traditions we have revolve around discussions of Christ, his birth, his life, his death, his purpose, and the call we have to continue to share each of these things with the world. We want our children to remember Christmas past as a time when great memories were made with family, friends, and neighbors and that some of the best of them were made giving to others.

The weekend before Christmas we attended an open house at Bryant's Miniatures. We have been out to these stables before but never for their Christmas open house. The girls loved it. My children are not only crazy about babies but animals as well!
They even got to pet and feed the camel. The Bryant's have such a neat variety of animals. Delaney was able to name the camel and donkey because of our talk about the nativity.
*Just a quick note...this year the girls were given the little people nativity at the beginning of December. Genna and Delaney played with it often. While they were playing I would tell them the story again and explain who each animal or person was. After a few times D would approach it and say Mary, baby Jesus, wise men, and etc.. It turned out to be a great hands on learning tool for her. I loved it!

After leaving the stables we headed out to get our Christmas tree. I know the weekend before Christmas....we were a little behind, but it was perfect there was snow on the ground and everything!!

We picked a great tree...GREAT BIG that is! The room it was going in only has 8ft ceilings and the tree was a little over 8ft. Josh cut off a little at the bottom and brought it in. He put on the lights and we decorated it. Then Grace got the honor of putting on the star.
That is when we realized a little more needed to be cut off. The girls insisted however that we leave it. So this is how our star remained the rest of the season!

One more post coming up!

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