Nov 3, 2011

Full Sprint Ahead!

We are hitting the fundraising road once again. This time we are taking off with a sprint. With the possibilty of a sibling referral now awaiting us, the fees with be more than we had planned for.

We are hoping to provide a few services and some great gifts that can be bought just in time for Christmas in order to raise the money we need to be able to say YES to whatever the Lord chooses for us.
****We have opened up our own "coffee shop" thanks to
Just Love Coffee.

When you purchase from our store we receive a portion towards the cost of our adoption.
Lots of great fair trade organic coffee just in time for Christmas!
What a great way to double your giving this Christmas!
Buy a bag coffee as a gift= giving to our adoption and to the receiver of the coffee!

****We are lending a hand to all those Black Friday shoppers.
That's right on Nov 25th we are opening our house up from 7am - 1pm for the locals to leave their children and do their Christmas shopping kid free!
Don't worry we can handle the extra kids, we have lots of great helpers in our house!

**** We also have our adoption tees available. You can clink on the link above to find out more information.

Have a GREAT rest of the week! ~ANDREA

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