Jan 14, 2011

Lives ARE Being Changed!

Ever feel helpless when you see others in need?
Ever feel like you don't have enough or couldn't give enough to truly make a difference?
Well I have good news for you. You can make a difference. Each and every one of us can!
A little bit matters, every bit matters in the life of an orphan.
While the numbers and the problems seem huge ...each and every prayer said, moment spent, and dollar given counts.

I can't begin to tell you the number of miracles, blessings, and lives changed that I have read about, been told about, or have seen since we have started this process. I amazed and in total awe of His work. Not everyday for these children or for their parents have been perfect, probably not any, to be honest. But lives are being changed and God's hand is most definitely at work.

Let me share a wonderful example from this week!
Many of you have seen in some of our pictures the Feed 1 shirts that my girls and I have worn. (This is a pic of D wearing hers!)

They are from a ministry called 147 Million Orphans. The ministry helps to feed orphans in Uganda, Haiti, China, Honduras, and Ethiopia and does much, much more. The founders of the ministry are two adoptive mommas. Each have adopted children with special needs and each in the past week have seen miracles happen in the lives of their children. One child was given the ability to hear and another's viral load test came back HIV undetectable.
I won't tell their stories because I am sure I wouldn't do them justice but click on over to their blogs and read.
They are truly the AMAZING work of our creator and an answered prayer for many!

Gwen's blog http://oatsvallteam.blogspot.com/2011/01/josie-love-joseph-they-should-inspire.html

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